Doubles from Villa, who had to leave the field injured


David Villa left FC Barcelona with ten in the final stretch of the game after suffering a "muscle cramps", as reported by the club's medical services. The Spaniard had found the cup game vindicate the perfect showcase for scoring two goals, the first dramatic.

In the 76th minute of match David Villa was removed from the field, suffering from muscle problems. Since that time the club played with 10 time remaining party. Medical services have confirmed that there is no injury, only a muscular problems so you have to wait as the player evolves of these annoyances.

Alexis Sánchez: "The two goals give me confidence"


The Chilean player has signed two of the five goals of the FC Barcelona against Córdoba and has alternated end positions. The Estadio da Luz, where the club played the second day of the group stage of the Champions League, was the last scenario that saw Alexis Sanchez pointed a goal. Today two 

This Thursday, the Chilean has rediscovered the success in front of goal and has enjoyed a very complete game. Apart from its traditional uncheck dragging defenders into space and careers glued to the band, the FC Barcelona number “9” has signed a double. Alexis Sanchez has returned to make us smile, it has doubly lucky and if I had I would have accompanied have done some other time. "Both goals give me confidence," he said after the match against Cordoba. He also stressed that "I am happy to have won and gone on to the next phase." Onsite Chilean player that stands out for its tireless work to do that job and left in the shade, is a lesson well learned. "FC Barcelona played well everywhere, but will always take advantage of all" he said.

FC Barcelona goes next round by beating Cordoba 5-0

FC Barcelona
●Thiago 17' ●Villa 21' ●Villa 26' ●Alexis 55' ●Alexis 85'

(January 11, 2013)

David Villa and Alexis Sanchez compete in every game to earn a spot in the starting FC Barcelona. The duel between the two strikers is that sports media, and causes the fans to be positioned for either creating division of opinion, but do we have to choose one of the two?

FC Barcelona

In the Cup match against Cordoba, Villa and Alexis showed everything and be players with very different profiles in the field may become perfectly complementary. In a way reminiscent of the discussion occurred with Cesc Fabregas’s competition with Xavi, Iniesta for a place in the team. Time has shown that in the end there is always minutes for all parties, even playing together. Against Cordoba, Alexis and Villa proved it. FC Barcelona fans too. 

Jordi Roura: "Alexis's work is extraordinary. But not scored goals. We are pleased with his work. Was costing and hope that this will help you not to be distressed?"

In the 25th minute of the first half, matching the second goal Guaje, many already prepared the headline "murderer" of the day: "To Villa and Alexis’s disaster failed unthinkable." Luckily, there were still enough minutes for Chilean striker proved that he can also be an important part of this team. Alexis ended up scoring two goals, breaking a streak of evil, and what is more important, a game very complete curdling in which may have signed a poker goals.

Messi: "I'm more interested team awards than mine"

The Argentinian and FC Barcelona stra has recognized, during the press conference prior to the FIFA Ballon d'Or Gala 2012 that "I'm more interested in team awards at the individual mine." Messi has denied any rivalry with Cristiano Ronaldo and explained that voted Xavi, Iniesta and Aguero.


Leo Messi, running for his fourth Golden Ball, was demanding hours before the gala awards ceremony of FIFA. The FC Barcelona striker believes that each and personnel record "Has not been my best year. Awards I care more level than mine individual team. In additional years, with more titles that was better." 

Messi Wins the FIFA Ballon d'Or Award for the record 4th Time

Messi has been chosen for the fourth consecutive Ballon d’Or. Leo outperforms Platini, Cruyff and Van Basten, the only players with three awards. The votes have been as follows: Messi: 41.60%, Ronaldo: 23.68%, Iniesta: 10.91%.


Messi gold remains. The Argentinian star was awarded Monday afternoon at the Kongresshaus in Zurich (Switzerland), their fourth consecutive FIFA Ballon, and a record in the world of football. He has won with 41.60% of the vote, winning in the final to Cristiano Ronaldo (23.68%) and from FC Barcelona also Andrés Iniesta (10.91%), second and third respectively. The winner of 2006, Fabio Cannavaro, has been commissioned to announce his name and who has given the prize.  

Thus, Leo Messi becomes the player with more Golden Balls in history, leaving behind three consecutive achieved by Michel Platini (1983, 1984 and 1985) and three that also have Johan Cruyff (1971, 1973 and 1974 ) and Marco Van Basten (1988, 1989 and 1992). The Argentine has won the award thanks to the votes of the captains and all selections technicians and journalists from France Football and thus has overtaken Cristiano Ronaldo, second, and teammate at FC Barcelona, Iniesta, who has been third. 

The Argentinian star, 25, has been excited about the award: "It's amazing to receive this award again. It's Awesome. I want to share this award and thank my fellow FC Barcelona, especially Andres [Iniesta] and also the Argentina national team players. Thanks to my family, my friends, and finally also especially my wife and my son, who is the most beautiful thing God has given me." His speech has been followed by a lengthy ovation from the entire Congress.

FC Barcelona beats Espanyol 4-0

FC Barcelona
●Xavi 10' ●Pedro 15' ●Pedro 27' ●Messi 29'

(January 6, 2013)

The Camp Nou on Sunday has lived a magical night of the Kings squad. The FC Barcelona was undone 4-0 at Espanyol and has chained the eleventh consecutive win in the league, the best gifts for a hobby that has also been enjoying the return of Tito Vilanova the first team bench. The night was round, and the total football. In the first half hour of 2013, the club has endorsed four a rival city, absolutely ineffective throughout the game. The party, which would have been able to finish with a win even bigger (two goals were disallowed Pedro and Messi has crashed the ball against the crossbar), allows the FC Barcelona keep up triumphant in the league, which has already equaled the best first round of history. The Kings are leading football.

FC Barcelona

Vilanova has opted for the same eleven for Levante and Espanyol, as happened that day, the team has scored four goals in the same time. The start of FC Barcelona has been impeccable. The game was fast, smooth and vertical. In the 10th minute, Xavi has used an assist from Iniesta to the first. Three minutes later, the manchego has forgiven before Casilla after Cesc genius, returning after injury. At fifteen minutes, Pedro has so fortunate deflected a shot from Messi to make it 2-0.

Despite FC Barcelona display, a defensive misunderstanding has offered the only time visitor throughout the first half. Sergio Garcia, only to Valdés, has sent the clouds. It was the last concession FC Barcelona lethal attack. A great support from midfield of Busquets Pedro has taken to make the third. No time to celebrate, Cesc has caused a penalty of Box that has transformed Messi. Before the 30th minute, the scoreline was 4-0 at the Camp Nou. FC Barcelona Magic Kings.

Espanyol has hardened the game early in the second half. As if trying to find the remedy in another game locked, has cut faults and over Catalans combinations. Minutes later, the local holdings have long done with this game underground visitor. In the field already Thiago and Villa, instead of Xavi and Cesc, and the team has twice held to goals from Pedro, annulled for offside.

FC Barcelona stays nine points clear

Real Valladolid
FC Barcelona
Javi Guerra 89'
●Xavi 43' ●Messi 59' ●Tello 94'
(December 22, 2012)

FC Barcelona has won victory in the sixteenth Valladolid in seventeen league games and is now officially winter champions. FC Barcelona has been imposed with goals from Xavi, Messi and Tello. With this win, the club added 49 of 51 possible points and leaves Christmas holidays with 9 points ahead of Atletico Madrid.


With Jordi Roura at the helm of the team for the third league match this season, FC Barcelona players have jumped on the lawn of the Nuevo Zorrilla with a shirt to support Tito Vilanova with the slogan "Seny, i collons pit" and determined to devote another win to his coach. Very beginning, Alexis Sanchez has missed a glaring opportunity to break the deadlock and the game railroaded. The Valladolid, without pressure and with very clear ideas, has succeeded very well cover all spaces and rendered the FC Barcelona game, thicker than in other games. In another area, the only approach of the Spaniards in the entire first half was a header that hit Manucho defective chest of Jordi Alba. Local players have asked hands of FC Barcelona side, which in any case were attached to the body and therefore cannot be considered as penalty. 

Slowly and patiently, the club has increased its dominance against a team that has stood up to nearly break. A Xavi free-kick, deflected, and a Messi that crashed into the bottom right corner of the goal from Dani Hernandez gave way to 0-1. A brilliant collective action initiated by the left wing Alexis and continued by Messi finished Jordi Alba center topped by Xavi Hernandez from close range. A clear goal to seal Barca: touch, speed, accuracy and quality. 

The second half started with another ball to stick to the goal of Valladolid, this time after a header from Pedro. Soon after, Messi could make the second with a shot well wide with his right leg. But the third, and l from FC Barcelona number "10" has amended the above error with a goal. The Argentinian star has received a pass from Xavi heel and after making a spectacular Cano a defender, made it 0-2 with a diagonal shot. A true work of art, 91 of the year and the 26th in the League.