FC Barcelona goes next round by beating Cordoba 5-0

FC Barcelona
●Thiago 17' ●Villa 21' ●Villa 26' ●Alexis 55' ●Alexis 85'

(January 11, 2013)

David Villa and Alexis Sanchez compete in every game to earn a spot in the starting FC Barcelona. The duel between the two strikers is that sports media, and causes the fans to be positioned for either creating division of opinion, but do we have to choose one of the two?

FC Barcelona

In the Cup match against Cordoba, Villa and Alexis showed everything and be players with very different profiles in the field may become perfectly complementary. In a way reminiscent of the discussion occurred with Cesc Fabregas’s competition with Xavi, Iniesta for a place in the team. Time has shown that in the end there is always minutes for all parties, even playing together. Against Cordoba, Alexis and Villa proved it. FC Barcelona fans too. 

Jordi Roura: "Alexis's work is extraordinary. But not scored goals. We are pleased with his work. Was costing and hope that this will help you not to be distressed?"

In the 25th minute of the first half, matching the second goal Guaje, many already prepared the headline "murderer" of the day: "To Villa and Alexis’s disaster failed unthinkable." Luckily, there were still enough minutes for Chilean striker proved that he can also be an important part of this team. Alexis ended up scoring two goals, breaking a streak of evil, and what is more important, a game very complete curdling in which may have signed a poker goals.

Jordi Roura: "Villa has long goal. Feature is it’s large and has done a very good game. Teaches us what we all know: it will be a very important player for us this season."

David Villa left FC Barcelona with ten in the final stretch of the game after suffering a "muscle cramps". But before the Spaniard had found the cup game vindicate the perfect showcase for scoring two goals, the first of them spectacular. Villa sum ten goals so far this year, 5 and 5 League Cup, and already is the second top scorer of the team, first in the Cup.

In short, the debate is absurd Alexis-Villa. Both players can contribute much for and hold, or not, depending on the needs of the team. While both are FC Barcelona players all have to support them, and not create unnecessary debates and free. Villa offers experience and goal, Alexis and labor intensity. Together, FC Barcelona always wins.

Team Line-ups:

FC Barcelona
13.José Manuel Pinto
13.Mikel Saizar
2.Dani Alves
3.Juan Fuentes
14.Javier Mascherano 
4.Galvez Gaspar
5.Carles Puyol(15.Marc Bartra 46')
5.Lozano Armando
19.Martin Montoya 
17.Jose Manuel Fernandez
25.Alex Song
14.Artiz Lopez Garai
12.Sergi Roberto(12.Jonathan dos Santos 53')
19.Jose Maria Lopez Silva
11.Thiago Alcântara
20.Aguilar Alberto
4.Cesc Fábregas(37.Cristian Tello 46')
21.Carlos Cabellero(12.Vincenzo Rennella 69')
7.David Villa
29.Fede Vico(23.Gomez Moreno Abel 46')
9.Alexis Sánchez
16.Sebastian Dubarbier(15.Antonio Sanchez Monino Pedro 60')

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