FC Barcelona stays nine points clear

Real Valladolid
FC Barcelona
Javi Guerra 89'
●Xavi 43' ●Messi 59' ●Tello 94'
(December 22, 2012)

FC Barcelona has won victory in the sixteenth Valladolid in seventeen league games and is now officially winter champions. FC Barcelona has been imposed with goals from Xavi, Messi and Tello. With this win, the club added 49 of 51 possible points and leaves Christmas holidays with 9 points ahead of Atletico Madrid.


With Jordi Roura at the helm of the team for the third league match this season, FC Barcelona players have jumped on the lawn of the Nuevo Zorrilla with a shirt to support Tito Vilanova with the slogan "Seny, i collons pit" and determined to devote another win to his coach. Very beginning, Alexis Sanchez has missed a glaring opportunity to break the deadlock and the game railroaded. The Valladolid, without pressure and with very clear ideas, has succeeded very well cover all spaces and rendered the FC Barcelona game, thicker than in other games. In another area, the only approach of the Spaniards in the entire first half was a header that hit Manucho defective chest of Jordi Alba. Local players have asked hands of FC Barcelona side, which in any case were attached to the body and therefore cannot be considered as penalty. 

Slowly and patiently, the club has increased its dominance against a team that has stood up to nearly break. A Xavi free-kick, deflected, and a Messi that crashed into the bottom right corner of the goal from Dani Hernandez gave way to 0-1. A brilliant collective action initiated by the left wing Alexis and continued by Messi finished Jordi Alba center topped by Xavi Hernandez from close range. A clear goal to seal Barca: touch, speed, accuracy and quality. 

The second half started with another ball to stick to the goal of Valladolid, this time after a header from Pedro. Soon after, Messi could make the second with a shot well wide with his right leg. But the third, and l from FC Barcelona number "10" has amended the above error with a goal. The Argentinian star has received a pass from Xavi heel and after making a spectacular Cano a defender, made it 0-2 with a diagonal shot. A true work of art, 91 of the year and the 26th in the League. 

Villa: Renewal or Transfer?

FC Barcelona offer renewal to Villa this summer in order to ensure the collection of a transfer if the player decides to leave after the World.


Definitely Vilanova has already made a decision, after recent substitutions Villa in big games seems clear that Rijkaard bet moves in another direction. Last Sunday in Villamarín after Cesc's injury, a fresh out of Alexis Sanchez injury passed the Spaniard to replace Fabregas time. 

So now ended the period of excuses-Villa is fully recovered from his serious injury, it is clear that the Guaje is dropped from the starting lineup permanently. Iniesta, Cesc, Pedro and Messi are clearly ahead, and even the Chilean Alexis seems that too. Of all the good figures have served scorers Villa, the striker is the second top scorer with eight goals, only behind Messi (30) and Cesc beating numbers (7) and Adriano (5). 

Once satisfied that the goals are not the problem, we confirm that Tito Vilanova is what you really want and wear balance. With a player capable of scoring 86 goals in a year-Messi-Torpedo, the real needs of the team may be others. The tireless work of players like Pedro and Alexis Sanchez guarantee the balance between attack and defense, because of Leo take care goals. 

FC Barcelona shoots towards the title

FC Barcelona
Atlético Madrid
●Adriano 36' ●Busquets 45' ●Messi 57' ●Messi 88'
●Falcao 31'
(December 11, 2012)

FC Barcelona thrashed Atlético Madrid in the Camp Nou and shoots towards the title. Messi got 2 goals again, Adriano and Busquets got 1 goal each for FC Barcelona and Falcao got 1 for Atlético.

FC Barcelona

Tito Vilanova’s FC Barcelona walking steadily towards the league title after beating Atlético Madrid in the Camp Nou (4-1). Adriano, Busquets and a brace from Messi have been around the initial goal Falcao as yet not over the first round and FC Barcelona have nine points ahead of the "mattress" and 13 more than Real Madrid. Before the game, the Nou Camp has dedicated a warm tribute to three former FC Barcelona players beloved by fans as Deco, Sylvinho and Keita. In an atmosphere of euphoria by the unexpected and surprising tie against Real Madrid Espanyol, FC Barcelona has been surprised by the bold beginning of Atlético Madrid.

Willing to clean up the bad image offered at the Bernabeu and prove he can claim the championship, Falcao was made clear in the 8th minute with a header that was not flawless goal because the ball hit the post by Valdes. The Colombian striker has had another good chance in Ecuador the first time, but did not cross the ball accurately to the output of Valdés. In another area, however, no word of a FC Barcelona vague, unknown and suffocated by a rival more intense and with a basic style book: press, steal and fight. Thus it is now 0-1 in the 31st minute. In the third, Falcao and no mistake and after beating on Busquets and Puyol speed with insulting ease Valdés was beaten with a touch of quality with his left.

FC Barcelona came back before halftime. The 0-1 could have done much damage to the Catalans, who were not finding ways to create danger on the rival goal but in an isolated came tie. Adriano, who is in a state of grace, has done a truly great goal. The Brazilian has been defined with an unstoppable thread has cleared the cobwebs of the goal of Courtois. This genius has unleashed FC Barcelona's Adriano, who has turned to the goal "tufting" in the final minutes of the first half. Piqué and Iniesta have done work Courtois, hitherto practically unknown and after a move jumbled, Sergio Busquets I was able to exit just before the break. A result that did not reflect what was happening on the pitch.

Gerard Piqué: "The fans of Córdoba has been fantastic"

FC Barcelona defender stands after the victory in Cordoba has the ability to rival put things difficult and the good atmosphere that has lived in the New Archangel. "We knew it would be a very difficult opponent especially at home because the fans have been fantastic and helped them a lot."


Gerard Piqué has been one of the most complete players tonight at the Estadio Nuevo Arcangel. The FC Barcelona number "3", who shared central defense with Javier Mascherano was FC Barcelona who has recovered more balls, a total of 18. Piqué has acknowledged that "we have suffered a lot in the first few minutes but we have been good in defense. "Not forgetting the proper role of the other lines of equipment, including front led by Leo Messi. About the Argentinian star, Pique said that "game by game shows is still the best. With the same desire we win and score."

The player also congratulated Córdoba and its fans. "We knew it would be a very difficult opponent especially at home because the fans have been fantastic and helped them a lot." Despite the 0-2, Pique believes that "the tie is facing but not sentenced." Finally talked about his physical condition, "I feel good physically within the field. There’s always room for improvement. I'll try to continue this good line".

Tito Vilanova: "The Cup ball looks like a beach ball"

FC Barcelona coach has highlighted the work of the whole team but gives the tie closed: "The Cordoba can score two goals in the Camp Nou." "The players knew that, at least, had to run like the Cordoba and have done", have pointed FC Barcelona coach.


In an impromptu press room at New Archangel Tito Vilanova said that "it was clear that it would be a tough match. The Cordoba has shown us, especially at the beginning of the confrontation." The coach does not give the tie closed: "The 0-2 is a good advantage but there are still 90 minutes and they too can we score two goals in the Camp Nou." FC Barcelona coach wanted to highlight the work of his players: "They knew that, at least, had to run like the Cordoba and have done." Delivery, according Vilanova, been allowed to see "a nice game, both for the environment and because the two teams have tried to attack."

Praise for Villa, Thiago and Messi

The Bellcaire d'Empordà has spared no praise when was asked about some names. The first, that is of David Villa. "I am delighted the work he has done. Has given assistance to Messi's first goal and has given us many options in attack. Has played with great pace and I reminded the player he was before injury. I've changed because I thought that the speed of Tello could help us score the third goal", said the FC Barcelona coach.

Messi show continues

FC Barcelona

●Messi 11' ●Messi 74'
(December 12, 2012)

That is Leo Messi once again. The Argentine has shown scoring both goals in the victory of FC Barcelona in Córdoba, in the first knockout round of the Copa del Rey. Although the locals have enjoyed a good start pushing hard to Barca, Messi has put order with the 0-1 in the 11th minute and the 0-2 in 73rd minute.

FC Barcelona

Messi is cooler than anyone. The Argentinian star, on his debut in the competition, has scored both goals in the victory of FC Barcelona in Córdoba, in the game in the first leg of the knockout stages of the Copa del Rey. Thus, the FC Barcelona team, which has exhibited a high level group in the New Archangel, is very close to the quarterfinals, but before the tie should be secured at the Camp Nou on January 10.

The Cordoba has come to stop. In the first five minutes of the game has enjoyed two good chances to advance in the marker. It has taken and the response has been withering FC Barcelona, Thiago whip crashed to the wood and in the same play, Pedro, Villa and Messi have teamed brilliantly to sign the first goal in the New Archangel. The 0-1, but a fright as the local goal disallowed quarter hour, have served to provide much more comfort to the Catalans, who have come to rest by controlling the possession and the goal of ensuring Pinto.

The second half started much more relaxed than the first. FC Barcelona has never struggled and been able to resolve the conflict with various shots of Peter, denied in front of goal. Unlike Messi, who has forgiven one but not two lethal after Alexis assistance from the right. It was 0-2 and the 88th goal of Leo in 2012.

Tito Vilanova: "Messi's enjoy"

FC Barcelona coach has been happy for the game in the first half unfolded and the capacity for suffering that has taken the team. "We are happy that Messi has helped us with his two goals and has broken the record of Müller. He still has three games so that it can expand," pointed Vilanova.


Tito Vilanova has welcomed worked after victory Sunday at the Benito Villamarin: "The first half hour was the best this year. However he had already warned. Regardless virtually any occasion, Betis marked a goal before the break and, from there, everything is complicated. In the second part we have pushed above and have options to score some more goals."I'm happy. During the first half we dominated the game and more in the second we had the capacity to suffer, "added the coach of FC Barcelona.

In this respect, the FC Barcelona coach acknowledged that this team would also be reminded by his defensive ability: "This FC Barcelona team will be remembered for the way you have to play spectacular football but he would be remembered for his defensive work. Things do not happen by chance and for seven years they did not win in the field of Betis."

Messi: "The record is nice, but the important thing is that the team wins."

The Argentine and FC Barcelona star has again broken another historical fact after beating Muller with 86 goals scored in a calendar year, but said that "the most important thing remains the team win." The FC Barcelona number “10”, who had been a doubt for the week, stressed that "I wanted to play after the scare the other day."


Leo Messi has written a new page in his book of legend. The Argentine, with both goals scored in the Benito Villamarin against Betis (1-2), has surpassed the goals in a calendar year so far was Gerd Muller with 85, and has since claimed that "the record is nice so that means, but the most important is that the team wins and continue to keep the distance with the persecutors. The FC Barcelona star, who had been questioned by the blow to the Champions League match against Benfica last Wednesday, has acknowledged that "I wanted to play after the scare the other day."

Despite moving back to the story, Messi has joked in mixed zone with the number of goals that can record before year end. "Try to expand the record to make it more difficult for anyone coming from behind," said in a tone of humor. Apart from this review, the Argentine star wanted to emphasize that "when you start the year the goal is to win everything as a team, the personal rewards are secondary." FC Barcelona has also been questioned by the delivery of the Golden Ball, for which Andres Iniesta is also nominated. "Iniesta wins if it is fully deserved and would be delighted. It's a title for the locker room."

Cesc is injured against Betis and will be out for three to four weeks

Pending that this Monday is more testing, doctors have confirmed that Cesc Fàbregas suffered a torn hamstring in the left thigh. The downtime is estimated approximately three to four weeks.


In the ninth minute of the match against Betis Cesc has requested the change and has been replaced by Alexis. This will sure miss the last three games of 2012, the two League against Atletico Madrid and Valladolid, and the knockout round of the Copa del Rey against Cordoba. And it may not be available for the first matches of the year, against Espanyol and around the Cup at Camp Nou.

Meanwhile, Carles Puyol was replaced at halftime by Mascherano. The captain has been changed as a precaution because he had a sore right hamstring.

New World Record: Messi, the God of Football!

Messi Congratulations! At the end of this season, Messi is still  25 years of age and he has a whole "new" career ahead. So far has smashed all records, the top scorer in the league, the Golden Boot, the Champions of the goals in a season, Muller's recent record in a calendar year and is a matter of time to become the top scorer in the history of the Champions. In short, although Messi retire just turned 26 years old and would be in the pantheon of legendary cracks.


In recent matches Messi had the perfect opportunity to break the record for one month Muller less competition. First break in three games where he most likely would have scored some golitos. First Cup against Alavés and then also rested in the last match of Champions, where the club had already secured the classification. Still, in the Champions League match against Benfica, Leo took the field when 20 minutes were injured. At that time, some members of antifútbol started jumping for joy, laughing at the "injury" of Messi, etc. as it at first seemed quite important and even had to leave the game on a stretcher. But the miracle happened, after three days Messi "resurrected" and scored two goals against Betis, curiously the only field that eluded him to Messi, like the Pep team in his day. The game ended with a "1-2" which has served to keep the 6-point lead over Atletico and 11 points on the Madrid and Messi also to become more than a legend. 

Messi vs the remainder of Fame! 

Maradona. Undoubtedly similarity in several goals for his career (both have played at the club), because of their nationality and expectation, Maradona has always been a mirror of Messibut today it may seem impossible to many followers of the church have surrendered to the "Messiah". Diego's greatest achievement was the achievement of a World Cup, which did not win until he was 26 years old, will curiously old Messi in Brazil 2014. In other competitions, the comparison is devastating for Messi in both leagues, Champions and in the variety of goals and plays for eternal football museum.

Messi surpasses the record of Müller

Messi scored a brace against Betis and exceeded the historical record of Müller with 86 goals scored in a calendar year.


Lionel Messi has started against Betis and has needed only half an hour to beat the record for goals in a calendar year since 1972 had Gerd Müller. The Argentine striker, who had been a doubt after the shock result against Benfica in the Champions League, opened the scoring with a cross Villamarín away from Adrian and made the second after a service of Iníesta.

Messi, one of three finalists for the FIFA Ballon d'Or 2012, is completing a dream year. Scorer from last season with 50 goals, Golden Boot in Europe, top scorer in the last edition of the Champions League with 14 goals and champion of the Copa del Rey with the club, is currently the top scorer in the league 2012/13 with 23 goals in 15 games and closed the group stage of the European competition with 5 goals in 6 games.

So far in 2012, Messi has scored 86 goals with FC Barcelona and the Argentina National team: 56 in the league, 3 in the Cup, Super Cup 2 in Spain, 13 in the Champions League and 12 wearing the "Albiceleste". Right now he still has three official matches -2 and one League Cup, before the end of the year.

Forty years ago, the legendary German player had 85 goals: 72 goals for his club, Bayern Munich, and 13 with the selection. Müller's accomplished in 60 games, 5 less than Messi so far, so its effectiveness rate is still slightly higher than the Barça idol.

The fact that they had to spend four whole decades to leave behind the brand's "Torpedo" amply speaks involved merit. In this historical statistics, Leo Messi took less than a month to go to beat third-placed Pele, to leave behind the all-time record. In league match against Mallorca, on November 10, reached the 76 goals, surpassing the 75 he made in 1959 the Brazilian star.

Against Betis FC Barcelona achieved eighth straight win at home

Real Betis
FC Barcelona
●Castro 39'
●Messi 16' ●Messi 25'
(December 10, 2012)

The club has passed the examination of Benito Villamarin and has scored a victory that strengthens worked in the League lead (1-2). FC Barcelona have bereavement on track with a brace from Messi that has surpassed the record scorer in Müller.


Scene in Benito Villamarin gala to try to repeat the feat against FC Barcelona lived 15 days ago against Madrid. And first notice of Betis in the 2nd minute with a shot from Salva Sevilla imprecise. Cesc Fàbregas has had to leave the pitch injured in the 9th minute, and instead entered Alexis Sánchez  who has reappeared after three weeks, sidelined with injury. Too many warning signs that Messi has undertaken fade in the 16th minute with another slalom unstoppable that has led to the 0-1.

Two minutes later, Iníesta has been about to do the 0-2 with a full stock of quality, but Adrian has sent a corner of manchego Vaseline. With Betis disoriented, Messi saw heaven opened and launched to break the record for goals in a calendar year. He did it in the 25th minute after a pass from Iníesta. Messi got his goal number 86 in this 2012, one more than the German Müller record holder since 1972.

Tito Vilanova, however, has come back into the match Betis with a defensive mismatch, in the 39th minute, Ruben Castro goal has become. At rest, Puyol has been on the bench by a sore right hamstring and instead entered Mascherano. A lucky shot from Salva Sevilla has been about to become the tie to two, but Valdés has been avoided.

Messi accelerates recovery in order to be able to play against Betis

Leo Messi has exercised this Friday at the Sports City gym to speed recovery facing the duel in Benito Villamarin. The Argentine wants to play against Betis and Saturday will be a final test to see if comes into the squad to travel to Seville with the team.


FC Barcelona do not play the next league match until Sunday at nine in the evening against Betis. This Friday the Barça squad is rest day but up to seven first team players have moved to the Ciudad Deportiva de Sant Joan Despi to perform voluntary training. Among them was Leo Messi , who has been exercised in the gym to speed recovery facing the duel at the Benito Villamarin.

The Argentinian star, who will return in the afternoon for treatment of physiotherapy with recuperators club will make a final test Saturday during the morning training to confirm if you have recovered from the blow to the knee he received against Benfica and decide Tito Vilanova if it is included in the squad to travel to Seville, a decision that will be agreed between the coach, the player and medical services. After the scare against Benfica, Messi wants to do everything possible to play against Betis. In the locker Barca will recommend caution to avoid risks and possible relapse.

FC Barcelona 0-0 Benfica

FC Barcelona

(December 6, 2012)

The FC Barcelona is jammed against Benfica and dismisses the group stage with a draw at the Camp Nou (0-0). Leo Messi, who came in the second half, was removed on a stretcher, wounded in his left knee. Arsenal, Milan, Porto, Shakhtar and Galatasaray, potential rivals FC Barcelona team in the second round of the Champions League.


Which had to be the party of Leo Messi, to overtake the world record Müller, has become a bitter night for Barcelona because of the injury Triple Ballon. Secured the top spot, Tito Vilanova Messi was booked until the second half when entered and, somewhat later, had to retire with a knee injury, leaving in shock the Camp Nou. Pinto had an outstanding performance before the onset of Argentine neutralizing Benfica Rush finally eliminated from the Champions League. 

Among the new tactics of Barca's Adriano highlighted central Villa striker and four team players: Planas, Sergi Roberto, Rafinha and Tello. However, the input was a recognizable team. He dominated the ball, although a few yards behind than usual by the pressure ahead of Benfica. The Portuguese played ceding the initiative, hoping the backlash. As he has made in the 11th minute, a long career of Lima finished off with a shot when I had it all in favor to Pinto. 

The player himself has also arranged another good option soon after his head. Visitors, with large central, were a threat in the passing game. Possession was Barca, danger, unquestionably Lisbon. And the location of the game was mostly in Barcelona and the only ground local opportunity of the first half has been Tello, on 22 minutes, but has run into the goalie. 

Iníesta's 500 official matches

Iníesta against Athletic held 500 matches. The manchego player has played 423 games for the club FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team with 77, scoring 54 goals and made 22 titles. And is that the best player in Europe, World XI nominee and Golden Ball Finalist 2012, enjoys a moment exquisite.


Finalist Golden Ball candidate Eleven and FIFA World Player of Europe named Andres Iníesta reaches 500 official games in the prime of his career. After the wonderful play and exhibition Moscow-three assists and a goal-against Levante, he is proving to be a footballer anthology. At 28, Iniesta has already won 22 titles (19 with FC Barcelona and 3 with the Spanish).

FC Barcelona signing the best start in the history of the league with 13 wins and 1 draw

With 13 wins and a draw, Tito Vilanova’s FC Barcelona passed the 1991/92 season's Real Madrid and signed the best start to a team in the league. In the first 14 days, the club adds 48 goals scored (3.42 per game) and 16 against.

FC Barcelona entered through the front door in the history of the league. Never before had a team achieved 13 wins in the first 14 league games, which has allowed, after the victory against Athletic Bilbao, breaking the record of Real Madrid in the 1991/92 team coached by Radomir Antic. A record already equaled the club last weekend with the three points earned in the field of the Levante.

The Catalans, who have exceeded the best start in club history (logging spraying Van Gaal),sign the best start in the history of the league with 48 goals for and 16 against, above, then the Antic Madrid figures, which in 14 days -12 wins and two draws-made 36 goals and conceded 8.

Messi is just one goal to match the historical record of Müller

With two goals scored against Athletic Bilbao, Leo Messi closes to touch the record of German Gerd Müller, author of 85 goals in 1972. The crack of FC Barcelona has already scored 84 this 2012. The Argentine has six games to match or exceed the historical record.


After passing a myth like Pele, author of 75 goals in 1958, Leo Messi already in the crosshairs of the German record Gerd Müller, who made 85 in 1972. With two goals scored on Saturday against Athletic Club Bilbao, the number “10” of FC Barcelona already added 84-between FC Barcelona and Argentina national team and is just one goal to match the historical record of Müller. The Argentine still has six games from now until year end. 

It seems that there are no records that Messi will resist. Just two days after being named one of three finalists for the FIFA Ballon d'Or 2012, the FC Barcelona striker has again set and caresses and Müller's record goalscorer, a record of 1972. Leo Messi is in a state of extraordinary form. Accumulate, neither more nor less than 21 goals in 14 league games.

The crack of FC Barcelona can put a fitting end to a great 2012. Scorer from last season with 50 goals; Golden Boot in Europe, top scorer in the last edition of the Champions League with 14 goals, champion King's Cup with FC Barcelona and current top scorer in the league. May soon have to wonder how many goals Messi will get as the new record. 

FC Barcelona thrashed Athletic Bilbao at the Camp Nou

FC Barcelona
Athletic Bilbao
●Piqué 22' ●Messi 25' ●Adriano (45+1)' Fábregas 57' ●Messi 70'
●Gomez 65'
(December 2, 2012)

FC Barcelona thrashed Athletic Club at the Camp Nou (5-1), with goals from Piqué, Messi (2), Adriano and Cesc Fábregas. With 40 of 42 possible points, Tito Vilanova’s FC Barcelona signed the best start in the history of the league. Big words are not for FC Barcelona. The absolute best start in the history of the League and here after adding the thirteenth victory in fourteen days. In addition, it has achieved perfectly, and that is rolled Athletic Club a true to form with about 45 minutes to book early. He has fought the cold of Camp Nou with seriousness, intensity and brightness at all times. Barça is another contemporary masterpiece. Bilbao lions have stood up to start a club that once opened the can, has led to the rout placidly (1-5). With two goals, Messi is just one behind of Müller's record. The rest of the Catalans have set goals Piqué, Cesc and Adriano. By the Athletic Club has done Ibai. With this win, the club added 40 points in 14 games, which is the absolute best start in league history.

FC Barcelona

The ball flew at first. The pressure of the two teams was advanced and had spaces, despite the man marking Athletic Club. Both goalkeepers were a player in the construction of the game, and important in overcoming the opposing front line. Thus, the pace was alive, although the opportunities were made to pray. Iníesta's shot was caught by the most prominent Iraizoz (min 12), pressing the center until Piqué scored the first goal of the season after a corner in which the goalkeeper had rejected shot from Cesc ( min 22).

The beast awakened. Then exceptional assistance Xavi Messi has received has beaten Iraizoz with a unique twist. Amorebieta has been about to neutralize 'in-extremis'. FC Barcelona had managed to expand the field and now the shaft was an ideal route for the number "10" of FC Barcelona. The first part of the premises has been impeccable. Apart from not a single option grant to rival football has continued to generate. And chances were falling under its own weight: Cesc (min 38), Iníesta (min 40) and Messi (the bar, min 44) have had very close 3-0. Whoever has been found Adriano, like a bullet coming from the right, skimming the rest? The team ended the first half in spectacular fashion, perhaps the best moment of the season.