Villa: Renewal or Transfer?

FC Barcelona offer renewal to Villa this summer in order to ensure the collection of a transfer if the player decides to leave after the World.


Definitely Vilanova has already made a decision, after recent substitutions Villa in big games seems clear that Rijkaard bet moves in another direction. Last Sunday in Villamarín after Cesc's injury, a fresh out of Alexis Sanchez injury passed the Spaniard to replace Fabregas time. 

So now ended the period of excuses-Villa is fully recovered from his serious injury, it is clear that the Guaje is dropped from the starting lineup permanently. Iniesta, Cesc, Pedro and Messi are clearly ahead, and even the Chilean Alexis seems that too. Of all the good figures have served scorers Villa, the striker is the second top scorer with eight goals, only behind Messi (30) and Cesc beating numbers (7) and Adriano (5). 

Once satisfied that the goals are not the problem, we confirm that Tito Vilanova is what you really want and wear balance. With a player capable of scoring 86 goals in a year-Messi-Torpedo, the real needs of the team may be others. The tireless work of players like Pedro and Alexis Sanchez guarantee the balance between attack and defense, because of Leo take care goals. 

In this context Villa future presents complicated. Regardless of potential incorporation (Neymar), its current role in the team may not be enough for a player who has won everything and trying to get to the World Cup Brazil 2014 in perfect condition. Currently are accepting the substitutions with professionalism, but we know that patience is not infinite cracks.

As reported in "Sport" , the Austrian striker does not want to leave next summer and FC Barcelona renew arises to keep after the World Cup can go free. Barcelona The newspaper adds that "FC Barcelona will offer renewal", but stresses that if he accepts the proposal "FC Barcelona also reserves the letter to sell after 2014 and make some money." Finally, be notified that the Catalan club do not rule out Villa waives renewal.

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