Gerard Piqué: "The fans of Córdoba has been fantastic"

FC Barcelona defender stands after the victory in Cordoba has the ability to rival put things difficult and the good atmosphere that has lived in the New Archangel. "We knew it would be a very difficult opponent especially at home because the fans have been fantastic and helped them a lot."


Gerard Piqué has been one of the most complete players tonight at the Estadio Nuevo Arcangel. The FC Barcelona number "3", who shared central defense with Javier Mascherano was FC Barcelona who has recovered more balls, a total of 18. Piqué has acknowledged that "we have suffered a lot in the first few minutes but we have been good in defense. "Not forgetting the proper role of the other lines of equipment, including front led by Leo Messi. About the Argentinian star, Pique said that "game by game shows is still the best. With the same desire we win and score."

The player also congratulated Córdoba and its fans. "We knew it would be a very difficult opponent especially at home because the fans have been fantastic and helped them a lot." Despite the 0-2, Pique believes that "the tie is facing but not sentenced." Finally talked about his physical condition, "I feel good physically within the field. There’s always room for improvement. I'll try to continue this good line".

We review the statements of Mascherano, Alves and Jordi Alba in mixed zone: 

Javier Mascherano: "Messi is unique as it is the best player in the history of the sport. This is mark the numbers. Speak of 88 goals as normal and what he has done is incredible." "This is a kid (Messi) touched by a magic wand." "We have a good result but we still have the home game. Córdoba has demanded the full. Has been a courageous team has pushed us a lot." "We have an obligation to represent the Club in the best way. We are the champions and we have to defend the title in the best way." "People wanted to see Barca. Have been up to par and we have the attitude to play this game." 

Dani Alves: "The ball was too bad because the game has hindered us. We were losing a bit of time and when you lose time when you press the rival football." "The atmosphere was spectacular. People have enjoyed your team.'s A show that football is to enjoy." "It was a very nice match for the viewer. We have never seen threatening the game." "Talk of Messi is not easy. It's Unusual. Messi is now the reference. Following Pele and Maradona, now in the XXI century is Messi." 

Jordi Alba: "It's a great team here at home with his hobby is very strong." "It was hard but we're happy with the win in a complex field. The tie is sentenced."

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