New World Record: Messi, the God of Football!

Messi Congratulations! At the end of this season, Messi is still  25 years of age and he has a whole "new" career ahead. So far has smashed all records, the top scorer in the league, the Golden Boot, the Champions of the goals in a season, Muller's recent record in a calendar year and is a matter of time to become the top scorer in the history of the Champions. In short, although Messi retire just turned 26 years old and would be in the pantheon of legendary cracks.


In recent matches Messi had the perfect opportunity to break the record for one month Muller less competition. First break in three games where he most likely would have scored some golitos. First Cup against Alavés and then also rested in the last match of Champions, where the club had already secured the classification. Still, in the Champions League match against Benfica, Leo took the field when 20 minutes were injured. At that time, some members of antifútbol started jumping for joy, laughing at the "injury" of Messi, etc. as it at first seemed quite important and even had to leave the game on a stretcher. But the miracle happened, after three days Messi "resurrected" and scored two goals against Betis, curiously the only field that eluded him to Messi, like the Pep team in his day. The game ended with a "1-2" which has served to keep the 6-point lead over Atletico and 11 points on the Madrid and Messi also to become more than a legend. 

Messi vs the remainder of Fame! 

Maradona. Undoubtedly similarity in several goals for his career (both have played at the club), because of their nationality and expectation, Maradona has always been a mirror of Messibut today it may seem impossible to many followers of the church have surrendered to the "Messiah". Diego's greatest achievement was the achievement of a World Cup, which did not win until he was 26 years old, will curiously old Messi in Brazil 2014. In other competitions, the comparison is devastating for Messi in both leagues, Champions and in the variety of goals and plays for eternal football museum.

Pelé. It was always remembered for the goal to be the man, the player marking nonstop. But Leo also beat its brand and playing in a league far more powerful than the "Brasileirao" or friendly, as was the case in goals from Pelé. By age I could enjoy Pelé, but yes my football references have been enjoying their goals and anyone who privately asked about who is better, the answer is Messi. In addition to a simple and irrefutable argument, Pele, Maradona, Cruyff and Di Stefano, were not as regular as Messi. True, Messi has had bad games, but four or five years, Messi bad games can have trickled. 

Cruyff was the key to its elegance and intelligence, but the comparison with Messi is too large, and except for Maradona and Messi, the rest of the football legends remain small to Messi.

Di Stefano. Apparently, Di Stefano was a genius, endowed with great leadership and able to do everything without being a ten on nothing but pointing in almost everything. Well Messi is precisely similar, can do anything and almost everything is a ten. From eye for goal, dribbling, passing, game or combinative vision, Messi is a ten or a nine on almost everything. Like Cruyff, and not detract from the incredible career of Di Stefano, Lionel has already passed by right and without notice. 

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