FC Barcelona 3-1 Real Zaragoza

FC Barcelona
Real Zaragoza
●Messi 16' ●Song 28' ●Messi 60'
●Montañés 24'
(November 17, 2012)

Barca got 34 out of 36 points. FC Barcelona continues unabated in the league and has scored another victory against Zaragoza with solvency. It too has affected the dreaded break for international commitments. In fact, their brightest moments have been at first, in which Leo Messi has scored the 1-0. The draw Aragon has tested the confidence and resilience of the leader. Their response has been overwhelming, with two more goals, the first of Alex Song of FC Barcelona and the 78th in a year of Messi. Ten players have emerged from the quarry-all equipment except Cameroon initialed the eleventh championship victory.


With Puyol and Piqué rediscovered in the heart of the defense for FC Barcelona, the club quickly led the party to its terrain. He had the ball, made her move with speed and direction and locked at Zaragoza on home soil. It took a minute to create a remarkable opportunity: Jordi Alba, a bullet from the left, Messi has attended and this, with all in favor, shot out. The Argentine did not forgive the quarter hour, when he beat his marker with a feint and has beaten the goalkeeper with a pass to the network. The partner was Alba again.

He was comfortable the team enjoyed. Block attacked and was effective in the recovery. However, Zaragoza equalize in first approximation, in the 22nd minute. First, Montoya has prevented a shot in open position Montanes sending the ball to a corner. Then, in the second attempt from the corner, signed the 1-1 Montanes with a little luck, as his shot grazed Puyol. FC Barcelona has put things in place immediately. It would also be from a corner. The ball fell to Messi, who has unbalanced and completed the pass from death to Song, lucky.

This shock has opened the meeting. FC Barcelona continued to control, but has lost fluidity. Valdés has threatened a couple of pitches too crossed. The second half would take a slower pace and premises, under the masterful baton Xavi, try to regain feeling and depth. In the 60th minute, Messi made the third with a neat definition after combining with Montoya. Then Tello has replaced Villa.

Zaragoza with Postiga as last round, looking reenlist to meet equity strategy and Vilanova finished with a pair of central importance: Piqué and Bartra. To be changed, Puyol would take the applause of the night. Before closing, Iniesta, from the end of the entry of Cesc, has fired a ball into the crosshead in 78th minute. The contrast is drawn down and was leading spaces. Anyway, has preferred to minimize the concessions open more hollow. He would get with his style, with ten home and always on the ball.

Team Line-ups:

FC Barcelona
Real Zaragoza
1.Víctor Valdés
1.Roberto Gago
19.Martin Montoya
3.Javier Paredes
3.Gerard Piqué
5.Carles Puyol(15.Marc Bartra 75')
6.Bayon Samuel
18.Jordi Alba
22.Ádám Pintér
25.Alex Song
2.José María Movilla
6.Xavi Hernández
8.Andrés Iníesta
11.Francisco Montañés
7.David Villa(37.Cristian Tello 61')
20.Franco Zuculini(18.Lucas Wilchez 58')
10.Lionel Messi
7.Carlos Aranda(17.Stefan Babovic 81')
17.Pedro Rodríguez(4.Cesc Fábregas 78')
32.Víctor Rodríguez(9.Hélder Postiga 73')

Match Statistics:

FC Barcelona

Real Zaragoza
Shots (On target)
Ball Possession
Corner Kicks
Clean Sheets
Yellow Cards
Red Cards

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