Messi mark his eighth double in the league this season and placed 3 goals behind Müller

Against Levante Messi signed his eighth double in the league this season, totaling 19 goals and standing only three goals behind Müller's record.


Partidazo egregious of Argentine continues to defy logic day after day. Two more goals and two less to overcome history, the old acquaintance with Messi has to live to eternity football. The FC Barcelona star showed his best-and almost single-version, attracting rival the edge of the area and creating space for the combination with peers. In the first part some distant shots proved to not curdle the walls with Cesc and Iníesta, but the second was able to live the magic of Iníesta to continue a dream that no culé like awakening. Only three goals to equal Gerd Müller, and since there are few records that do not bear the name of Messi. 

Leo Messi has scored 82 goals in 62 games in the year 2012. Leo Messi has surpassed the 1958 record of Pele and lacks only 3 goals to exceed 85 German Gerd Müller, who in 1972 set the record in a season with goals made with Bayern Munich and the German national team.

Leo Messi has reached 188 in league competition. It is the ninth of all time, beating Santillana, Madrid legend of the seventies and eighties. He still caught 63 Telmo Zarra. 

Messi's solo Pichichi with 19 goals, followed by Cristiano Ronaldo 12 and Falcao, with 11. It has signed a double in eight league games. Take 56 games he scores two or more goals in the league championship and 23 in which scores three or more goals throughout his career. Messi beats Di Stefano as the second most doubles player in the history of the League, with 56. Also was the first player ever to score 15 FC Barcelona hat-tricks in La Liga (beating Caesar).

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