Start the race to sign Guardiola

The return of Pep Guardiola to the bench begins to take shape, after his sabbatical in New York the former coach of FC Barcelona begins to "Pluck Daisy." City, United and Chelsea in the Premier League, Bayern in the Bundesliga and Milan and Inter in Serie A are postulated as possible destinations. A Guardiola will rain bids after its historic passage through the FC Barcelona bench Santpedor to raffle him half of Europe's leading clubs of the old continent and plan next season and all agendas one name stands above the rest, Pep Guardiola. Pep Next season will have the opportunity to start a new project away from FC Barcelona.


Premier League, Bundesliga and Serie A will offer an exciting scenario where re-create a winning team. The decision will not be easy; each project proposal is a clearly differentiated from the rest. While the United offers join a club with a winning model very established, Chelsea and Manchester City do in key future. His astronomical budgets guarantee a winning template from day one and surely, absolute power in all sports decisions.

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