Johan Cruyff: "Making many goals Barca Need to sign Neymar?"

The former player and former FC Barcelona coach Johan Cruyff has claimed that his relations with the Catalan club are nonexistent, contrary to what the vice president said recently Vilarrubí club Carles, who said that these relations are excellent and very friendly.

Johan Cruyff

In an interview on "The matí of Catalunya Radio" with Manel Fuentes, Cruyff said: "There is no relationship. I have no contact", and revealed that FC Barcelona is no longer working with his foundation: "It a question of mentality. Here is a bit like Holland. Neither bothers me, just pointed. When you climb a little higher than they want them cut off your head, and then doesn’t want to participate because I'm too famous. But this is their problem." 

Johan Cruyff has criticized the fact that the FC Barcelona board has eliminated some sections of the club: "You cannot make a budget with so much money and eliminate all social sports because they are not professionals. I've got four or five sports and I think it was an equivalent two million euros. With the budget they have is an absurdity. Even the players themselves, if they take something, you can pay themselves."

The coach still Catalan stressed the positive effects for the first team work done with the quarry and challenged to arise signing outsiders, as can occur in the case of Brazilian Neymar: "I fully understand that Tito Vilanova wanted Song because I might need in a particular position, especially in a season so complicated, with so many games and competitions. This is understandable. But scoring many goals, FC Barcelona need to Neymar? And that I think is a great player, I do not see anything negative. But to spare so much money that badly needs a striker like that?"

When comparing their successes at the club with which he has managed to Pep Guardiola, Johan Cruyff said: "He has changed the game. We have a great mutual respect. I never think that one is better than the other. Everyone is different. thing I liked about Guardiola is as presented, always ahead, spoke his mind, he did and it was fine, worked very hard and continuously."

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